About the group

The Atmospheric Science Group at the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics of the University of Ljubljana provides quality and comprehensive higher education in the field of meteorology in Slovenia. In addition to the education of future meteorologists, the department also provides lectures for students of other study programs at other faculties where knowledge of meteorology is important. In addition to education, the department also carries out a lot of scientific research work in various subfields of atmospheric sciences.


Studying meteorology

The Faculty of Mathematics and Physics of the University of Ljubljana is the only institution in Slovenia that offers a unified study of meteorology at all three levels. The study of meteorology is closely related to the study of physics, with which it shares all the basic courses in physics and mathematics. In the senior years, the study focuses on using the acquired knowledge to describe processes in the atmosphere. The master-level study builds on the basic knowledge and practical skills from the bachelor level to deal with more complex topics such as the numerical modeling and forecasting of atmospheric processes. During the studies, the student also acquires generally useful skills (e.g., computer programing and analysis skills), also sought after outside the basic fields of meteorology and physics, increasing employment opportunities.

More information about the study of meteorology and the profession of a meteorologist is available on the online platform (in Slovene) Meteorolog.si

The platform provides key information related to the professional field of meteorology in Slovenia, including basic information about the profession and education. One can read interviews with individual experts in the field and learn about current events and publications.

For any questions, we can also be reached via email Meteorologija@fmf.uni-lj.si

The study of meteorology at the 1st and 2nd level takes place within the framework of the meteorology degree track in the Physics program:

link to the detailed description of the First cycle Physics degree link to the detailed description of the Second cycle Physics degree


Our group is active in research in various subfields of meteorology, such as atmospheric dynamics and circulation, the development of numerical models for weather forecasting, the use of machine learning methods in meteorology, extreme weather events, and climate change and its consequences. Research work is carried out in collaboration with other researchers from established international research institutions and universities. In Slovenia, we also work closely with the Slovenian Environment Agency. We regularly publish our research results in scientific journals and lead or participate in numerous national and international research projects.