Prof. Jože Rakovec (retired, but still lecturing)

Phone: +386 1 4766 663

Jože Rakovec is BSc meteorologist (1971), with scientific MSc (1977) and PhD (1981) in meteorology. Just at the beginning he worked for a couple of months in meteorological service of Slovenia – in the department of air pollution. After that he was his entire career with University of Ljubljana – starting as assistant and becoming full professor; he is also head of Chair of meteorology at department of Physics at Faculty of Mathematics and Physics of Ljubljana University.

He was giving lecture or is still lecturing main courses for students of meteorology: Introduction to meteorology, Dynamic meteorology, Weather analysis and forecasting, Atmospheric physics and some others. He was teaching or is still teaching at other faculties of Ljubljana University: students of hydrology and water management, of aeronautics, geography, sanitary engineering, and at University of Nova Gorica (environmental study). After establishing the first cycle of the Bologna study system, he was is giving lectures of Weather systems and Meteorological observations and instruments. At the second inter-faculty study of Geophysics of Ljubljana University he covers Atmospheric physics and (with prof. Igor Poberaj) Remote sensing of the atmosphere; he was a co-ordinator of this inter-faculty study. He collaborates at PhD study at his home faculty (meteorology), as well as with the university PhD study of Environmental protection (with this doctoral study programme he is coordinator for Sciences) and with selected lectures elsewhere.

His main research filed is meso-meteorology, also in connection with environmental protection; mainly via numerical modelling of meso-scale processes. He performed dozens of expertises and was leading several research groups and projects. He was a member of the Astrophysics and Atmospheric physics research programme, and with a smaller engagement, in Centre of excellence Space-SI.Three mandates he was chairing Technical Committee COST for Meteorology.

Retired in October 2014, but still giving lectures: Dynamic meteorology II, Weather systems, Meteorological observations and Remote sensing of the atmosphere. He continues to collaborate and to represent Faculty of Mathematics and Physics with PhD study of Environmental protection; he is a member of a council of that stidy . He is a member of advisory board of international journal Geofizika.


Corrigendum of the paper in Renewable Energy.
We have published a technical note in Renewable Energy (Renew. Energy. vol. 37 (2012), 440-444, doi: 10.1016/j.renene.2011.06.042). We have tried several times to contact the journal's edditor and the publisher to submit a corrigendum to this paper. Because we have not received any reply from them, we have published the corrigendum here and at link