Seminar: Marten Blaauw: On the vertical propagation and structure of the equatorial Kelvin waves

Sreda, 13. januar 2016, ob 13:00
Predavalnica F6, 1. nadstropje, FMF, Jadranska 19, Ljubljana

V okviru internega seminarja na katedri za meteorologijo nam bo naš kolega Marten Blaauw predstavil svoje raziskovalno delo. Seminar je odprt za vse obiskovalce, potekal pa bo v angleškem jeziku.


The Kelvin wave is a gravity wave existing in both the ocean and atmosphere. Its existence depends on the presence of a boundary, such as the equator, that acts as a one-directional waveguide.
In the ocean, equatorial Kelvin waves are mainly found to propagate horizontally, while in the unbounded continuously stratified atmosphere, vertically propagating Kelvin waves are present as well and play an important role in transporting momentum upward and driving the Quasi-Biennial Oscillation in the stratosphere.
Here, the Normal-Mode Function methodology is applied on 6 years of ECMWF operational analyses to diagnose the 3D structure of Kelvin waves. Results show that the vertical structure of Kelvin waves is a transient feature that undergoes seasonal and interannual changes. The variability as well as the average properties of the Kelvin wave in the ECMWF analyses will be presented in the seminar.