Seminar: Hrvoje Mihanović, Jadranka Šepić: Dense water formation in the Adriatic: recent findings

Ponedeljek, 21. september 2015, ob 14:15 Predavalnica F2, 1. nadstropje, FMF, Jadranska 19, Ljubljana

V okviru internega seminarja na Katedri za meteorologijo nam bodo naši gostje iz Inštituta za oceanografijo in ribištvo iz Splita predstavili svoje raziskovalno delo. Seminar je odprt za vse obiskovalce, potekal pa bo v angleškem jeziku.


The lecture will synthesize recent findings on dense water formation (DWF) in the Adriatic Sea, which are largely based on research of severe winter of 2012, when the DWF encompassed the whole northern Adriatic area and record-breaking densities were recorded. Several studies documented available observations, and numerical models were utilized to reproduce this centurial event. The studies focused on different aspects of the event: (i) the effect of spatially and temporally variable heat losses to ocean cooling, (ii) the role of water fluxes, in particular different river climatologies, which significantly altered the rates of the DWF, (iii) the effect of atmosphere-wave-ocean model coupling to the DWF and its dynamics, (iv) the bottom density currents, as captured by an ARGO profiler, including an assessment of usage of these types of platforms in the DWF studies, (v) the spreading of the dense water towards the South Adriatic and beyond and the effects to the Adriatic thermohaline circulation and the BIOS. The presentation will focus on the ocean component of the event, as the meteorological studies of this extreme event still need to be conducted and published.