Seminar: Damjan Jelić: Validation of unbalanced circulation in climate models

Sreda, 27. maj 2015, ob 13:15
Predavalnica F5, 1. nadstropje, FMF, Jadranska 19, Ljubljana

V okviru internega seminarja na katedri za meteorologijo nam bo naš sodelavec Damjan Jelić predstavil svoje raziskovalno delo. Seminar je odprt za vse obiskovalce, potekal pa bo v angleškem jeziku.


Validation of climate models is based on their ability to represent the present climate which is relatively well known from observations and reanalyses. There is a variety of methods to validate climate models but few deal with the dynamics and properties of the global unbalanced circulation. The goal of this seminar is to present such a method and its results. The method is based on the MODES software ( which represents the balanced and unbalanced circulation in global fields. In this seminar I will present an inter-comparison of the AMIP simulations as well as coupled climate simulations from several models used in the CMIP5 project and the last IPCC report. Their model validation is performd by their comparison with the ERA Interim reanalyses. The focus is on the tropical region where the unbalanced circulation is globally the most important.